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Saturday, June 27, 2009

To the land of potatoes... and blue bombs

June 26th

i got up late. real late. riding a lot in one day takes it toll on me. it burns me right out.
i'm still trying to get to work on time, and might be able to make it if i make up the miles, but on this adventure i want to at least see some things in the states. i'm very ignornant of the country. I, like a lot of canadians, don't actually go out and see for our own eyes the beauty of the countryside. it doesn't matter what country. Canada, the US, others. people need to travel more... they need to look in their own backyard, and then travel more. it does give you a better perspective, and a better bigger picture. my god it's a huge freaking picture. it's getting bigger by the day.

actually seeing the landscape change as the miles get eaten up is quite the awakening.

back to the program;

I left the motel room at about 10:45. like i said. late. I blasted across and stopped at this lookout looking west. this is at about 3000ft elevation. doesn't look high, but the rest of the land has quite a high elevation.

After the lookout was the a pass. Nice enough road, but the right lane is the trucker lane and you sometimes bounce around in the two ruts there. you feel like a bowling ball in a gully sometimes. this is what i thought all of oregon looked like, not like the picture before.
I needed food so about an hour or so of riding, i stopped off in La Grande, OR
This was the first town permanently settled in northeast Oregon. this was in 1862. heh. canada wasn't even a country then.
I didn't want a chain place, so i went to a ma & pa shop. instead of Ma and Pa, i found Joe and Sugar's place. It's a little coffee/sandwich shop. cozy. wifi there too i think. there's wifi everywhere in the states. i loves it. i didn't use it though.

I got a blt and salad instead of chips with a coffee. the food was really good. if you're in town, go there.

a view of the street. looks like a typical small town usa place. i like that.

More mountains? hmm.. could only mean one thing. I'm going to Idaho.
yup. idaho. I'm so ignorant about the US. i always thought it was flat and all they did was grow potatoes.

From the first rest stop in idaho. I needed a break and wanted to get some info.
inside there were free maps, and all the scenic byways maps. score! not going to use them this trip, but i shall be back. maybe. it's a nice place.
A picture of the allstarsok, maybe i should preface this by saying i went to an air museum. It's your typical small town museum all in one hanger, but this cost 8 bucks. i thought it was a little steep, but i love old war things, planes, etc.

this was kinda need, things made out of various artillery shells and bullets. lamps and vases. you can turn anything into one of two things usually. a lamp or an ashtray.
Hell, you can turn a plastic leg into a lamp. oh wait, that's been done before. (please tell me you've seen the movie)

more shells, but i love the war era posters and shells. maybe it's time to make more lamps. or vases.
love propaganda posters. this place had a lot of them.
this should please someone.

perverts, you thought bad thoughts. i meant the bombadier.

these two bombs were in a cute blue color. heh. a pair of blue bombs. (i know what you're thinking)

This will be my next bike, that seat sure looks comfy.

Seil Heil!

they had german, japanese and Indian memorabilia there too.

gives riding shotgun a whole new meaning. does this mean when you're running to the jeep, you yell out "Riding the 50!"
the old jeeps were cool... problem is that many soldiers broke their backs and tailbones riding in them. hope the hummers are a bit better on the ass.
pew pew
cool looking p40 warhawk
a p36 hawk i believe. i'm no sure really. it looked stubby.

The p51 mustang this was painted in boise idaho's WWII ace duane beeson's colors. cool.

the torpedo is at half scale. no clue what scale the sub is in. hah.

fokker triplane. same type the red baron used in WW I

an old packard.
not sure what kind of plane it is...
Link trainer. i want one for home. i think it would be fun.

the p51 mustang
a ton of displays to go through. just don't touch anything.

that's where i was. nampa idaho. where's nampa you might ask? that's what google maps is for. hah.
it's near boise.
I left nampa and bypassed boise. didn't even go through the city, i stayed on the interstate.
It was really bad traffic leaving boise. really bad. people in idaho just don't know how to drive. most stay in the left lane and don't go to the right lane after they pass. what i like about idaho is that the speed limit is 75 mph. woot. you can do 80-85 and probably won't get bothered by the troopers.

i stopped over in some small town because i needed gas and food. not much of a choice , but i went to a chain i hadn't gone to before.
can you guess where?

yup. jack in the box. and they're right. there was jack in the box. just a burger. it wasn't even that good either. meh.

My route was taking me to my destination for the night. i didn't want to ride at late, but it was already around 7pm, so i decided to get to a motle and shack up for the night.
the landscape may be boring to some, but i found it interestng. desert mixed with farming i guess. not really a desert though.

zoom. me going way too fast. i hope my GPS is wrong because it said i was going 204 km/hr. that's 127mph. i don't think my bike can go that fast.

there's a neat lookout before crossing the bridge to get into Twin Falls, ID. this is not what i thought idaho looked like

more views

the bridge to twin falls

I checked into a no star motel. it's 45 bucks has tv with HBO, clean, A/C and best of all WiFi. hey, it's clean and has (i hope) clean towels, soap and shampoo.
good enough for a few hours of rest

once checked in and unloaded i wanted to see where twins falls got it's name.

the sunset was awesome. looked better in person.

i found it. these falls were huge. damn camera doesn't take good pictures when it's dark.
i almost got dizzy looking down.

the falls threw up a ton of mist. the river goes back towards the bridge in the earlier pictures.

on a stone in the park. this area was given to the city on the contidtions that it may be used by all people. how cool is that. The adams family, 1932. hah.

I was looking for a coffee/donut shop. i couldn't find anything in the city at all. wtf. a lot of restaurants were open 24/7 but i just wanted a coffee and a bite. bah. restaurant time again.

I had seen a few of these on the interstates so i decided to pop in.got a coffee and strawberry crepes. surprisingly very good.

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  1. "Link trainer".....I was watching this show the other day and I think it was "bigmachines" and that big guy got in the "Link trainer" and started shaking it like it was on/activated. while shaking the hell out of it the door completely broke off...lol.