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Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot spring, a bear ass and north of 60

June 1, 2009
I woke up and broke camp, packed up and went across the road. No charge to visit the Liard Hot springs. sweet.

Saw these on the way to the 2 pools.
This is the first pool. Shallow but warm, and there were quite a few people... i stayed in there for a bit tenting and riding is hard on the body that isn't used to it. was nice...

Then a picture of the hanging garden... hmm... i think i came at the wrong time of the year...

more of the boardwalk that goes from the parking lot to the pools and garden...the boardwalk is needed because it's essentially a swamp.

This is the second pool. it's 3 metres deep (10 feet) so you have to swim. What's nice about this is that when i got there, there was only one couple and they were leaving. I got the pool all to myself. Ginormous hot tub for 1. If you go, do yourself a favour and go to the second pool. it's worth the five minute walk.

How you doin'?

The pool was bubbling and steam was on it's surface. It was hot out.
maybe it was some kind of poisionous dino gas. I forgot to mention that the first pool smelled strongly of Sulphur, but the second pool didn't. odd.

walking back towards the parking lot, bumped into a curious moose. I shall call him binky. binky was shy and ran into the brush as soon as i took his photo
the interesting part in this picture are the ferns. Ostrich Fern and grows in the tropics. it grows here because of the hot springs. neato.
left the hot springs and headed north towards the yukon. near the Liard hot springs it's like Buffalo alley. you really need to watch the road and sides because they are all over.

looks tasty. i wonder what he tastes like.
those horns look sharp.
so i went here and had a Bison Burger. It was ok, a bit on the dry side. Then i hear the guy running the place tell another customer that they also have beef burgers since bison is a bit dry. hah. was ok. not worth the price tag though. I must say, the guy who served me (and cooked and did everything) was a kurt cobain lookalike, and dressed like him and had that grunge/emo vibe around him. heh. The place was called Donna's Cafe.
i overheard from another customer (a local) that bison will walk out into the road and not care about traffic and in winter you can barely see them, since they are covered in snow, so you have to look for their stubby legs. heh. Bison are neat creatures.
Checked out Whirlpool Canyon rest area. a lot of driftwood, and seems that many have camped there in the past. if you're stuck and in the area, why not pitch a tent here? i would, but not on the driftwood. I tried to plug my cell into the 12V socket on the bike, dead. that's not good because i'll really need that 12v socket for my air compressor for my tires.
I stopped on the side of the road and saw this bear chewing on something. I killed the engine and he stopped what he was doing, perked his ears up and stared at me for a good 10 seconds. I had my thumb hovered over the starter, so therefore no picture of his fluffy ears. He continued what he was doing, so i took a picutre.
The roads were nice, and so was the weather There was a nice lookout with a monument dedicated to the otiginal surveyors of the AlCan highway, and was erected in 1997. it's already falling apart, 12 years later? I liked the countryside around here.

I liked this view.
I liked it so much i Photoshopped myself into it.
Got to the yukon and BC border. The Alaska Highway crosses into the Yukon, then back into BC, then Back into the Yukon. It actually goes back into BC for a short bit after the continental divide. then back into the Yukon for the last time.
I'm such a geek.
Here you can see remnants of the old Alaska Highway. Canada rebuilt it after buying it from the Americans. (more on that later)
doesn't seem too welcoming.
More Bison. George, Gertha and Frank.
Frank. he's the shy one.

Here's a bear ass i saw.
A few minutes before hitting the Yukon border and i see these. even wild horses couldn't drive me away from the Yukon.
Ah, the real North of 60 sign. yay!

Watson lake. you need to see this yourself to believe it. Anyone can bring a sign and post it themselves. They don't do it for you. You bring a sign, a hammer and nails and find an empty spot and hang it. it keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.A photo of a photo. This is an ariel shot of the sign post forest. huge.

Here's a replica of the original. The original was given back to the owner a few years back during a big ceremony. unfortunately, the guy who started it all passed away in recent years. Hats off to him. One sign, now people from all over the world bring their signs and post it themselves. neato.
From the exhibit inside the info place at watson lake. I liked the "go west young man" bit. Kinda like what i'm doing.
Rancheria Falls. check out the snow still inthe parking lot. damn stuff doesn't want to melt.

more random photos along the way

too bad this picture doesn't do it justice. a camera doesn't capture everything you see. you really need to see it in person.

The continental divide. not very thrilling once you're there. it's just a sign saying it is.

On day 2 or 3, my horn stopped working and i had to try to figre out what was causing that, and why my 12v socket didn't work.
Seems like the relay (or wiring) for the horn is fried somewhere. i suspect strongly it's the relay. I'll figure it out once i'm at home. As for the 12v socket, seems either I or the shop reversed the leads going to the battery so when i put my cell car charger in the socket, it popped the charger. thankfully i brought the wall charger for the cell too.
It's actually a good thing i looked too, the battery terminal was very loose.
i said it before and i'll say it again. everything fails.

I was at Dawson Peaks resort (tenting) and they had Wifi (albeit slow)
Took me 3 hours to update the blog the last time and i was getting bitten by bugs and i was freezing.

this is at 11:49pm.

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