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Friday, June 12, 2009

I like to hit the bars.

We took off from coldfoot and headed to fairbanks. We were keeping a good pace as the roads were good but i had to pull over more times than they did. i was just beaten down. I took fewer and fewer pictures as the day progressed as wanted to get to the shop and find out what they could do to the bike.

I was ahead of Steve and Levi for a little bit. I needed a break and waited for them here. great road.

levi i believe
Steve i assume.
damn bmw's... all look the same. hah.

father and son ready to ride out of frame.

love this picture.

I caught up to them but had to stop for fuel at yukon crossing or else i'd never make it back.
The road was still good, with a bit of loose gravel which gave me a bigger pucker factor than it would have a day ago. got through that ok.

Steve was waiting at the entrance of the dalton where it turns from pavement to gravel. as soon as he saw i was ok, he sped off.

on pavement i gave it all i had just to keep him in site, but i backed off a lot. Steve is an exceptional rider and he knows how to put that machine in the corners without crossing the line. it was great to watch someone ride like that on pavement.

at one point something hit me in the hand. thankfully i wear gloves or else this huge bee would have hurt. this is not even 1/2 of it. the rest of him got jammed in my air vent.

no more pics for that day, but i ran around fairbanks.
1st the nothern power sports.
they didn't have grips, or bars, or signal lights or a throttle grip. Danny there made a call and thought one place might have some stuff. Thunderhead.

I went over to thunderhead and was able to pick up a set of Iso Grips, and he had some bars that might fit the bike. I also got a relay for the horn and i asked if they had bulbs, but i didn't know what i needed.

The guy there (forgot his name) went out and tried to get the type of bulb from the left signal. the lens broke off. hah. crap.

he gave me a few bulbs and taped up the left signal. just like new... kinda.

i got to the campground and met up with steve and levi again.

They told me about the Chinese buffet place so i went there and ate. pretty good selection, not huge, but so different than what i'm used to at home. cheese baked clams, etc. Not much pork though, so that was odd. the food was actually quite good.

I spent about 9 bucks at a car wash to get the bike mostly clean. after 9 bucks it looked dirty still. it'll take a long time to get all that mud and calcium cholride off the bike. good enough for now.

I got the left signal light working at least. a bit of duct tape and a couple of crimped wires was all it took. duct tape is very very useful.
that's it for the night. tomorrow, the bike goes in the shop.

functional but ugly.

I fixed up my issues too. seems that a giant callous is on both my index fingers and it hurts bad. steve had the same problem too. I patched myself up so it wouldn't hurt so much.

ahh.. the joys of motorcycling.

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  1. Guess you could come out with some kind of "finger chap" for adventure motorcycling.