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Sunday, June 14, 2009

the scout's motto is "be prepared"

my dad called me to make sure i was ok. hah. he worries too much.

I went back to bed because i needed it.
I got up when Steve and Levi were leaving for dawson city. Off they went (about 10am)

I started talking to Wayne. I had met Wayne the day before and we had talked last night quite a bit about travelling, biking, etc.
Wayne is travelling with his son Wyatt in a BMW with sidecar. the coolest thing ever. For a father and son to go across the country is so neat.
I have their website, but not on me, i'll have to find it and post it.
here's Wayne and Wyatt. Wyatt is 9. cute kid.

took a picture of a sad bike.

went out shopping for bags for the bike. wow. not much can be found, but i think i'll manage with what i did. I bought some dry bags. not exactly the right size. well, that's putting it mildly, i can fit in one of them. crap. well, i'll just have to roll them up and make do.
bought a backpack that should fit on the bike somehow, and some atv saddlebags.
it'll work out. i hope.

went to Carl Jr's for some food. seen it on Tv so i had to try it.
burger was good, the crispy burrito was good too. better than McDonalds anyhow.


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  2. Mothership looks cleaner then ever and ready for voyage. go go go