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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Errant errands and the trip was a complete failurez

i set my alarm and got up early. 8am. ack.

dropped off the bike with the bars and grips and took a cab back. I stopped in at a coffee hut that was down the street from the RV park and got a bagel/egg thing with a coffee. walked back, got a load of laundry and did some blogging.

today isn't a big picture day because mainly, all i did after dropping off my bike was my laundry, blogging, and not much else.

After i had some clean clothes, took a nice long hot shower and shaved. that felt good.

The shop gave me a call with some bad news. Seems the bars won't fit because they are a bit too long and high. dammit. the only bars in town.
The mechanic (doug) said he try to make the bent ones work.

I've been toying with the idea of going up the Dempster highway to Inuvik, but sadly i have to let that idea go by the wayside. I don't think i have enough time to go up there, with my bike in the condition it's in, and make it all the way home. There are certain risks i don't mind taking, but that is a risk i don't want to take.

I was vey sad when i made the decision to not go to Inuvik. after all, that is what this blog was originaly all about.

maybe that's why i don't like to plan anything. when it doesn't work as planned, i get rather down on it.

I picked up the bike at 4:30 and doug did a good job. the grips are on and the bars don't seem so out of whack anymore. I got some new dunlop 404's and we'll see how they handle.

Steve was at the denny's having a coffee and levi and i joined him. Steve's and levi's stories are great. i could sit there and listen for hours. what a great bunch of guys.

right after we finished eating we looked outside. hard rain. crap. Levi and I had left a lot of stuff out and it would be wet. Steve left his side of the tent open. not good.

the rains stopped and back to camp. we cleaned up the wet stuff and tried to settle down early. I blogged for a bit and hit the sack. I slept pretty hard.
didn't take any pictures, too busy running around

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