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Friday, June 5, 2009

North Vs South.

This morning i got up and needed to get the bike clean before dropping it off at the shop. Found out from the other riders (bmw/weestrom) that there was a car wash nearby. sweet. I looked all over last night and this morning through all my stuff to see where my brake pads were. nothing. I KNOW i packed them, so they must have fallen out of my bags at some point. DAMMIT.

Rode over and cleaned the bike up as best as i could. pink soap. that was nice.

Dropped the bike off and asked them if they had pads. no pads. DAMMIT. at least they had seals and could clean up the brakes and change the oil (i brought a filter from home)

Took a cab back to the motel and got some breakfast at Denny's. hey, it's close.

never had grits before. very different. tasted ok to me.
back at the motel to do some more blogging. I was thirsty and looked around for a vending machine. Paydirt. they had laundry machines, so i was able to do that today as well.
now i have to try and clean my riding pants somehow.
Picked up the bike ... Great Success!
Forks are fixed, they went to a different store to buy some pads for me, changed the oil and fixed all that up. I swears instead of a grumble, Beast is purring. yes, i called my bike beast. not THE beast, just beast. heh.
since my tires are running pretty thin and i have about 6000 miles on them (the shop guys were impressed with that) i can probably put a few more but that's it. I asked if they had anything in stock. I got them to put away some Dunlop d404's and i'll get them on either Tuesday or wednesday. I'll chew up the rubber i have on now either going to Anchorage and/or Artic circle (haul road) before coming back through fairbanks and getting them changed. they did say my rotor is pretty much finished and i'll have to change that soon. The guys at Northern Power Sports in Fairbanks are awesome.
I'm looking outside right now and it's raining pretty hard. There's no way i'd want to go riding the Dalton highway (haul road) even a few days after the rains. hmm. time to head south i think and head out to anchorage and check that out.

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