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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alaska Bound!

downtrodden and slightly depressed, i packed up and headed into downtown Dawson City.
This is were i would decide to abort and go home, or keep trucking.

Here's the damage to my front end. May not look like much, but my front end is crying. fork oil over the front brake makes it unusable and no fork oil means it'll ride like uncle buck car. boing boing boing. The oil all over the tire is a little worrisome as well. I asked around and the only mechanic was across the street. It's a Napa Car/RV place. Went in, they don't do any motorcycle stuff (other than the very very basic) plus they were too busy.Downtown Dawson City. Nice and colorful.The SS Keno.

just a ship at the dock. didn't get near enough or read anything about it. I was preoccupied and had too much on my mind. damn stress.

More downtown Dawson City. It's a nice place to visit. had to get the bike in the picture... "I'm a cowboy, on the steel horse that i ride" heh.

I stopped at a gas station and filled up. now was do or die.

I called the places i found on the internet the night before. 2 shops in Whitehorse, one had a 2-3 week waiting list and the other had a 6 week waiting list. neither had the seals. I called Northern Power Sports and said they should be able to do it, but would have to wait until the service guy got in. Danny the service guy said they had the seals and could do it the next day. Sweet! I brought extra brake pads so that wouldn't be a problem either. I also had an extra oil filter to do an oil change (i didn't ask them about the oil change at that time.)

So off to Fairbanks Alaska i go! The quickest way was to go through the Top of the world highway. No front brakes, bad suspension, oil on tires. great. this will be fun. (it was)

More snow at the top of the world. I had planned on taking this road anyhow, sooner or later, i guess the route just changed midway.

The road is at the top of the mountains and can get a bit scary at times. 1/2 tarmac, 1/2 gravel road on the Yukon side. all in all it was in good condition.

Just some old cabin near a rest stop. No info about it, thought it was neat (there's probably a million pictures on the internet about it. now it's a million and one.

this road was really interesting... curves, curves, curves. I didn't go too fast because... well, no front brakes is not good. fun ride though.

I stopped and made an Inukshuk. not bad for my first attempt. probably won't last very long at all (winds, people)

I made him, so i can name him. His name is Chubbs.

From White Heat (1949)

"Look at me Ma, top of the world!"

if you look closely, you can see a little blue dot next to the road in the picture below. that's the border crossing. the most northernly land border point in the USA.

it says so right here. I love how Poker Creek has a population of ... 2. (the 2 border guards)

Yup. i'm in Alaska. now it's time to Visit all the other states. Maybe next trip.

The Alaska portion of the Top of the world Highway was HORRIBLE.

Taking top of the world towards Chicken (and then Tok) i saw miles and miles of this. Suicidal hares all over. i must have almost hit 3 of them. Funny that they all looked the same with darker backs and 4 white paws. maybe it's the same damn rabbit.

I stopped in Chicken, AK for a cold drink and fuel, and bought a t-shirt. Met a

BMW rider (gs1200) that just came back from prudhoe bay. he was on his way back to california but had to stop in to dawson city for a Sour Toe Cocktail at the downtown inn. If i make it to Dawson City again, i'll stop in for a drink, before i attempt the trek North to Inuvik. Should take more pics. Also there was an older german couple who were going to dawson city then maybe to Inuvik. they weren't sure yet. I hope they all ride/drive safe.

looks like quite the forest fire happened. haven't had time to look into it as to when it happened, but i'd say at least 10 years ago by all the growth around.

The alaska portion of the highway isn't as interesting as the Yukon portion. Still a nice ride though except for the actual roadway, not in great condition, with a lot of waves in the road (most probably caused by frost heaves)

nope, nothing behind me.

this is pretty much the standard view in alaska on the alaska highway. you see mountains out ahead but when you get there, you see trees on both sides of you. a bit boring if you ask me...

some nice mountains i passed by.

more of the same...

damn moose... started across the road then stopped. it looked at me then started trotting off the road. I shall name her pokie.

i didn't know if this was smoke or fog or what... but it lasted quite a few miles. I didn't smell anything different though... odd.

The mountain range near fairbanks. you don't see the mountains much in this picture... but standing there it's majestic. (the mountains are fully white)

Can you see me now?

Majestic. i think my little canon powershot does a pretty neat job. heh.

same range.


i like these mountains, but i can't figure out the names.

should make a nice deskstop wallpaper.

but seriously, you need to see it in person. cameras will never do it justice.

I passed near an air force base and was able to get this shot over my shoulder before i passed the base. signs all over saying not stopping, no photography, etc...

Got to Fairbanks and looked around for a cheap motel with wifi and/or a campground. Not much in fairbanks, so i stopped in at the super 8 that the rider in chicken stayed at. Looks like where riders go. There was an advrider there on a K1200 riding solo. there was also a wee-strom and a gs1200 parked.

I got a room for 2 nights so i can get the bike fixed hopefully and get my stuff in order.

I spoke to the wee-strom and bmw guys. they had just come back from deadhorse and said it was loose gravel and messy in some areas.

Next door to the motel was a denny's. the most northern one in the world. food was ok, but i just wasn't in the mood to eat much. not hungry. stress about the bike i guess.

Bikes parked out front. mine is the sad looking one.
sad. dirty. broken.
Here is Dave's KS. He's from the advrider forums

The sunset... kinda. the last 3 pictures above and this one below were taken at 1am. seriously. thank god for dark drapes.

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