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Monday, June 15, 2009

always go to the end of the rainbow.

June 15th

woke up and oiled my K&N air filter that i had cleaned the night before. wow. that thing was nasty dirty. i had rocks stuck in the filter. i put a bit too much oil, and they say to reclean and re-oil. too bad, not gonna do it.

As usual, i woke up too late again. it took me a while to figure out how i was going to pack up everything. everything packed up, i left.
like my packing job? got a $20 motorcycle backpack which i strapped to the back. it works. the stuff sack on the left is way too huge and isn't waterproof. meh.

On the same stretch of land that i saw a moose earlier going from Delta Jct. to fairbanks, there was another moose. maybe it's the same one as before. there was another moose on the other side of the highway not too far away too.

do the dew. rinds, all the fat, zero carbs.
Lunch womper style at a gas station.
got to the end of the AlCan highway. (alaska highway) still not sure why there is two names for it. annoying.
Now to finish up between Tok and whitehorse... then i'll have completed the alaska highway

no clue why this sign was at the the endpoint of the highway. never saw any bulls. maybe they meant Bison. didn't see any around there either.

told ya the mosquitoes are huge.

the 3 different pipelines. top is the original, the 2nd is the canol pipeline, the 3rd is the aleyska pipe size. the large pipe is 48" in diameter.
took this picture of the local proctologist tool.

crossing a bridge somewhere...Before Tok, after Delta Junction

hmm... don't like the looks of those clouds.
nice pavement, a bit of rain, but not that bad

I almost fell asleep at the wheel more than a few times, so i pulled over. i needed a break.
I decided to make Chubbs 2.0
you can barely see him there with all the rocks in the background. bah. Chubbs 3.0 will be better, faster, stronger. well, better maybe.

the international border between the US and Canada.
this is a neat site. wonder what cops patrol here. hah. yes, i was speeding, didn't see any cops.
Neat monument there declaring the international border and all.

cheesy i know, but i had to do it.
the road was really really rough, so i took a break at this little place. the alaska highway on the canada side is really rough with frost heaves and they are working on it. the problem with working on it is a lot of loose gravel and mud. meh.
this was a neat lake, this is just a tiny part of it.

got through customs without any problems (wasn't expecting any either) and went to beaver creek. i was starting to get really tired at that point so i looked for a cheap motel. they wanted $89 a night. i decided to camp for the night instead since the weather was not that bad.

I bought some smokies ($9 for 6) and went for a ride, knowing there would be a government of yukon campsite somewhere down the rode. The campsites are only $12.

I kept riding and there were some nice rainbows there as the rain was on and off. so i followed the rainbow.

not liking those clouds, you can barely see the mountains.
pictures don't do it justice, you just have to be there to feel it. to see the colors for yourself and see the sunlight playing over the mountians as it shines through the clouds. go there. everyone should travel more.

somewhere over the the rainbow...
i'm not liking those clouds. scenery was nice though.

looks like i'm riding right into the thick of it.
it was getting late... and saw this rainbow and followed it.
funny, i found the government campground at the end of it that i was looking for, the Snag campsite. hah!
always follow the rainbow. the bugs were bad at first until i got the 100% deet out. they don't like that stuff at all.

made a fire and cooked my smokies. damn axe is breaking. i've used it what... 3 times? piece of crap. bad design i think.

anyhow, made a fire, warmed up and went to bed too late, as usual. i lost an hour going over the border so that's screwing me up a bit, because you get even more light in the yukon later.

took this at 12:30am. too much damn light.

always follow the rainbow.

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