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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

holy crap... T minus 15 days

I start my trip in 15 days. I've been too busy to keep track of my departure date... and it's fast approaching.

I think I have most of what I need. I want some adventure, but too much adventure might ruin a good thing. I don't like planning, so instead I like being prepared.

Just two days ago, someone stole my fog lights off the bike, which is in a locked garage. What a pain in the ass.

i'll need to pack up before I go and do a dry run on a day off. I guess I must be excited as I keep having nightmares. heh.

I hope it's just a way that my mind is trying to cope with every eventuality. Maybe I just watch too much off stuff.

I'd better get packing!

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  1. looks like you are still having fun be safe