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Thursday, May 28, 2009

1 day,3 provinces... bigfoot, buskers and boredom

sidenote -- just realizedx blogger no longer reformats the pictures so i went back and fixed the old ones so you can see the whole picture.

A strong start and a good finish... it's just the middle part sucked. not the whole middle, but a large part of it.

Stupid timezone is pissing me off.
my GPS says it's an hour ahead than it is. i guess for a GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM it doesn't know where i am and what timezones are. stupid.

I woke up refreshed at the motel in Dryden, packed up and needed food. greasy food.
I love truck stop food. the hashbrowns were dripping with grease and tasted like they were soaked in butter. god bless america.

outside the husky's there was a girl singing and playing guitar. She had a great voice, sang and played guitar well.

Meet Laura Casey and spazz

Laura had travelled from Newfoundland to vancouver, and she was on the return trip home using her singing as the only means to get gas money. crazy. I listened to her while i had a smoke before hitting the road. Gave her a bit of cash to help her along and she gave me a CD. Sweet! you never know she might be famous one day... I promised her that i'd put the picture on her facebook fanclub.

westward i went, where i bumped into Bigfoot and a giant Inukshuk!
bike porn

I realized what the theme song for the trip is. "Always look on the bright side of life"
Song of the day Three little birds by marley.
words of wisdom from an ADVrider (sgmarty): everything fails
words to live by: everything will work out in the end.

those thoughts just popped into my heaed while riding down the 17 by Kenora, when all of a sudden traffic on both sides of the highway came to a sudden stop.

turns out it was a canada goose. but wait there's more! the goslings came after and heading up the rear was the other goose. picture perfect i tell ya!! i just wish my camera was easier to get at so i could have taken a picture!!! arg

Finally got to Manitoba and went to a lake created by a crator. whoopie. it's a lake. i took pictures but they're boring, so i won't bore you with them.

I headed west, hoping to cover a lot of ground today. i stayed on the transcan and it turned out exactly as you'd think it would be. straight and boring.

trying to keep myself entertained going through manitoba (before winnipeg)

this kinda surprised me, since i didn't think about it. the center of canada!! no warning signs of any kind saying that it was coming up. just bam. it's there.

i bypassed winnipeg and decided to go around instead to save me time. what i found instead was wind. a hell of a lot of it too. itwas pushing me around like a rag doll in the middle of a tug of war between two pit bulls. nasty. it wore me out pretty quick but i decided to keep going since i had great sunlight and i figured the wind would die down after a while.

I was cutting through Manitoba and Saskatchewan like a Hot butterknife through a cold raw steak. it takes a while, but it can be done. if you're looking for a fun way to cross the praries... driving or riding isn't it. i bet it would be more fun as a human cannonball though.

other than the winds, the roads in manitoba and saskatchewan were in great repair. Seems the saskatchewan side was brand new. not much traffic on it actually. not much of anything (i stayed on the transcan and didn't take the yellowhead trail which would probably had stuff on it... like actual towns and gas stations. trans cans? nothing.

I stopped in a small town hoping for gas as i was running low. let's say this... if i were to be in a canoe at that time... i'd be paddling faster. the unheard banjoes were silent at the moment... but at any second someone was going to pop out from the bushes and violate my perty mouth and make me squeal like a pig. ok. it wasn't that bad, but the town of Whitewood is pretty backcountry... for being in the praries.

in this part of saskatchewan, there are no towns on the highway, it's all exits off the highway so you can't tell if there's even a store or anything. to anyone thinking of going transcan through saskatchewan. TAKE THE YELLOWHEAD TRAIL... it must be better.

I find it amusing that there are a few routes in saskatchewan that are marked 'scenic routes'.

WTF? it's all farmers fields, straight flat roads and the occasional tree.

i was mistaken.. when i did find such a curve in the road... i took a picture of it (not too bright, taking a picture while cornering on a motorcycle at high speeds. heh.

The wind kept it up right until i finally made it to regina, where i'll be going to bed shortly and getting up late. gotta love motels that have free internet and no shampoo. 2nd motel in a row (1st motel had shampoo but no internet) i wonder if it's one or the other. dammit. i want my cake and eat it too.

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