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Sunday, May 24, 2009

almost there... stay on target... almost there...

tonight's my last shift at work and in the morning, I go through all my bags and make sure I've packed all I will need (and then some)

More is less when it comes to packing a motorcycle for a trip. This is usually true, but since i'm going across country, camping for much of it (hopefully) and going solo in the middle of nowhere... I want to be prepared. Maybe it's that I was in the Scouts when I was younger and the moto is "Be Prepared"

I haven't planned much. Here's what I have planned.
-departure date May 26th
-arival date (home) July 2nd (i work that night)
-go to Inuvik
-initial playlist

that's all i've planned.

I know I brought too much... but hey, if you can't camp in luxury with at least a little stool to sit on... it's just not worth it.

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  1. Hey Al, Steph here. Just wanted to which you the best times and an easy trip. Be careful and have lots of fun. I was able to find your blog by just goolging womperworld...lol.