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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I think I am crazy

Ever since my trip out east last year, I've been toying with the idea of going up north, to somewhere I've never been... undiscovered yet by me.

I read an article about a pair of motorcyclists that took the Dempster highway many years ago, all the way to Inuvik. I then later read about others travelling to Inuvik and experiences that they have had.

I decided that this year, I will be making the trek to Inuvik myself, going solo on my Suzuki M50.

I've talked to a few people and most have just two questions when I say this. The first question is, "why?" and the second is "are you crazy?".
The short answers are "because" and "perhaps"

Here's a rough route I plan to take. This is the best case scenario and the route I'd 'like' to take.

View Larger Map

I guess a longer answer would be nice. Here are the longer answers to the two questions above.

Why? I'm totally drawn to it. I'm being pulled in that direction. It's almost like I have no control over it and i have a total need to go. I would have liked to go to Tuktoyaktuk, but as there are no roads in the summer, then Inuvik will have to be the furthest point north. Maybe I'll get lucky and take get a tour/charter to Tuk, but I highly doubt it. I have essentially 1 month to do this, and 2 months to prep for it. I guess I have to get my ass in gear.

As to the second question... am I crazy? perhaps. At least i feel sane :)

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