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Friday, April 3, 2009

I hate it when things don't work out as planned

So today was going to be nice and sunny and i was to work on the bike. re-add the new stebel air horn (as the last one was either stolen or fell off), put on my new national cycle hardcases, add the new highway bars, and battery led display as well as fix up some minor issues.

Well, I couldn't mount the horn where i wanted since i'll be putting the highway bars in that location. I finally mounted it under the PAIR valve. I started mounting the brackets for the Hardcase luggage and noticed that they won't work properly. Seems a monkey did the welding job. I got one case mounted but it seems very flimsy to me and probably won't stand up to the abuse i'll be putting it through.

Daylight was running short, so i tried to get my headlight rattling fixed. it's been doing it for over a year now (ever since the headlight essentially fell off the bike. It doesn't rattle anymore, but one screw isn't threaded properly and i'll have to devise a way to weld a bolt on the inside of the headlamp. Cheaply made stuff I tell you...

Found a few broken wires on the left PIAA lights, probably as a result of the one crash i had a long time ago.

I'll have to return the hardbags and bracket and probably just pick up cheap saddlebag stays instead.

things to do... get GPS fixed, return saddlebags, buy a ton of stuff for camping and plan some more. I guess plan is the wrong word to use as opposed to preparing

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